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Amex or most commonly known as American Express is an American multinational financial services corporation, which is situated in New York. They offer credit cards built for your lifestyle. But one thing which you may or may not know is that American Express offers gift cards. They offer tons of gift card options ranging from low to high prices.

Variety of Gift Cards Amex Offers

When it comes to gift cards, they tend to be boring, dull, no colours, and just plain. However, Amex gift card changes it up. They offer business related gift cards, and personal gift cards as well.
Business related gift cards are meant for the use of thanking loyal customers, or special clients, and generally for big groups. You can even personalize messages for them. These gifts cards are no ordinary cards, they are much more vibrant are aesthetically pleasing to they eye. They come in fun colours like purple, red, and even has images such as gift boxes, bows, balloons and more. This business related american express gift card range from $25-$3000. So, there is a wide range of prices to choose from to match the nature of the business or the well-known client. And for personal gift cards are meant more for family, and friends. It is said by American Express that it would be more suitable to choose personal gift cards if you are buying for less than five people. These cards also come with the same vibrancy and images, and they also range from $25-$3000 so there’s a cheap, and highly expensive options.

Where can you purchase these cards?

The easiest place to buy Amex gift cards is directly from the American Express website. They offer tons of options available, and it is just one small click that needs to be done. Buying directly from the website is more time saving, and it reduces the risk of being scammed if unauthorized people have the distinction of selling them. And when buying online the purchasing fee maybe a little less than buying in store. Plus, there are more designs, and customizations available. However, there are shipping fees to pay, as it takes time.
So, if online purchasing is not something you favour, they can also be bought in retail shops. They are widely available in drugstores, supermarkets, grocery stores, and more. Buying it in store could means that there are no shipping fees you have to worry about, and it is a much more reliable way as you can be assured that it won’t be lost when it comes to shipping, as there is none. But when purchasing in store there are some drawbacks, like the lack of designs or customizations available, as it is just some which is on the shelves. And the purchasing prices could be high as the store also requires a small profit of it. Overall it depends on which is the most convenient for you

The Rewards and perks

When choosing the right gift card to give to either your friends, family or even to your boss, you have to consider the rewards each gift card brings, as some maybe only specific to one store. American Express gift cards provide more than that. They are accepted worldwide, so no hassle when it comes to buying something from a different region or country. Also, there are no expiry dates, it can be kept for long as you like until the balance runs low. Furthermore, it can be used online and in stores to purchase anything from gas to clothes to food.
So, The Amex gift card is a strong competitor in the category for gifts.

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